søndag 31. mai 2009

Casual Sunday.

Yesterday one of my bestfriends Marie and I went to see Angels and Demons, wich was a really good movie!

And today Iv`e just been enjoying the weather. Me and my boyfriend slept in, and travelled to the beach, just how a sunday is supposed to be- Lazy.

This is what I wore on this casual Sunday:

Tee from Cheap Monday, Denim shorts from Never Denim, Studded sandals from f21, and vintage sunglasses from H&M, my mum thinks she owned them as early as in the 70`s.

Hugs and kisses


fredag 29. mai 2009


Ahh, life is good. The weather is superb. Driving in the car listening to The whitest boy alive and Kings of Leon, the summer is here! And today I`m having fresh shrimps and delicious bread for dinner! Can life get better?

This is today`s outfit:

Top from H&M, Skirt from American Apparel, Shoes from Din Sko, and Chanel 2.55

Have an amazing weekend!

Hugs and kisses


torsdag 28. mai 2009

Mulberry icecream!

This bag is so cute! And It would be perfect for summertime!

Mulberry Ice Cream Clear Tote, $ 175.

Hugs and kisses

onsdag 27. mai 2009

I want this right now.

..... But I don`t have more money to spend on clothes... It`s so sad .
You though, can buy it here . Enjoy!
Hugs and kisses

mandag 25. mai 2009

The most gorgeous songs right now

Hugs and kisses

søndag 24. mai 2009

Saturday`s outfit

My outfit yesterday was based on: Striped dress from Bikbok, Denim jacket from Zara, Shoes from Halil (or something..), and Chanel 2.55

Hugs and kisses

lørdag 23. mai 2009

Star Trek in a white dress?

These last couple of days Iv`e been in the lovely town of Bergen, Norway. Visiting my dear sister, brother in law and my niese. Bergen is such an amazing town! If you ever come to Norway, you should go there .

And today I went to see Star Trek, and I must admit, it was a fantastic movie! Everything about it was perfect!

And last but not least, like so many other bloggers Iv`e bought this dress from the H&M Divided Exclusive collection:

I can`t wait to wear it!

Hugs and kisses


søndag 17. mai 2009

Hurray for Norway!

Not only did Norway win the eurovision contest last night, but today is Norways national day :) Hurray!

Hugs and kisses

torsdag 14. mai 2009

L` Art de vivre

The most beautiful pictures of this month. Do I have to say more?

Vogue Nippon May 2009

Photographer: Glen Luchford

Model: Carmen Kass

(Watching Eurovision, Gooooooo Norway!)

Hugs and kisses


onsdag 13. mai 2009


Oh my god how gorgeous the weather was today! Iv`e been out in the sun all day, and it feels so good to finally feel the warmth of the sun agains the skin. Hope it continues!
How was the weather where you live today? (Am I seriously talking about the weather? This feels like a bad date...)
Anyways, this is what I wore after work today:

Denimshorts- Never denim by Bik Bok, Gray sweater from H&M Men collection, Studded belt from Gina Tricot, Wristbands vintage and from H&M, Ring from Accessories and shoes are bought in Bosnia & Hercegovina, a brand called Halil Inel..

Hugs and kisses


tirsdag 12. mai 2009

I wouldn`t mind

I wouldn`t mind being at this party! And I wouldn`t mind sitting in between Mary Kate and Matthew Williamson!

Picture from : http://olsensanonymous.blogspot.com/

Sweet dreams!

Hugs and kisses


søndag 10. mai 2009

Floral me (yesterday`s outfit)

As much as I would love the Erin Wasson for Rvca Floral dress, I can`t afford it right now.

So instead I`m wearing my favorite floral dress from H&M. It`s cute but not as chic as the rvca one.

( H&M floral dress, Zara denim jacket, Adax leather bag, and boots from skopunkten.)

Are you still into floralprints?
Hugs and kisses

Favorite song at the moment!

The Norwegian band Donkeyboy is finally having a breakthrough! The song Ambitions is awesome!

Hugs and kisses

lørdag 9. mai 2009

Todays outfit 09.05.09

This is what I`m wearing today:

Black Jumpsuit from Cubus, Gray boyfriend blazer from Gina Tricot, Leather boots from Din sko and my Chanel 2.55 ( notice my firm grip around the chain? Haha )

Have a great saturday!

Hugs and kisses


torsdag 7. mai 2009

My dreams have come true!

I have finally fufilled my dream of having my very own Chanel 2.55. After a lot of searching on ebay and finn ( a Norwegian auction site) I found something I did not belive. A chanel 2.55 bought in the Chanel boutique in february. I got the bag in my hands now and I`m so happy! And the best part is the fact that it`s 100% authentic! If you ever wish to buy a chanel bag online be very carefull, there`s so much fake!

Here`s some pictures of my bag:

Hugs and kisses


lørdag 2. mai 2009

No internet sucks!

Iv`e been gone for sooooo long now, and I can`t wait to get back to blogging! The reason Iv`e been gone is because I`ve moved out, and the apartment has no internet. Luckly a man is coming on Thursday to install it.

Other than that I`ve bought some new clothes and shoes that I`m looking forward to showing, and hopefully I have won the biddinground on a chanel 2.55, and it will be mine! ( keeping my fingers crossed)

And while I was at my parents house stealing some internett from them I saw theese amazing shoes from forever21

They are just super chic! Nude colors is very hot right now!

Hugs and kisses