torsdag 27. august 2009

I love shoes

As I have said like 1000 times before, I love shoes! And these are no exeption.

They are stunning
There are studs
They are made from leather
They are masculine
There are zippers on them
They are from Proenza Schouler
They are £760.88 (way to expencive for my wallet)

Hugs and kisses

onsdag 26. august 2009

Frenchie Spock!

This is the reason to my lack of blogging lately
My little French Bulldog puppy is 10 weeks old, and is seriously just like a human baby, but way more intense. Through the day I get so tired, but in the evening when I go to bed with my little frenchie sleeping thight my life could not be more perfect!

And yes, his name is from Star Trek`s Captain Spock! May he live long and prosper.

Hugs and kisses