tirsdag 31. mars 2009

Black spring

I know it`s spring, but I love black!

( Faux fur vest: Cubus, Faux leather jacket: Bik bok, Dress with pockets :Saint Tropez, DIY leggings and shoes from Din sko.)

Which color are you addicted to?

Hugs and kisses

søndag 29. mars 2009

Turn of the lights, turn of the lights.

Yesterday morning my boyfriend and I went out to eat breakfast, we went to a restaurant named NB Sørensen. We ordered an egg and bacon sandwich. I got mine and seriously I had to deliver it back. It was so salty, I could scrape of the salt with my knife and it got all white from salt. The chef got all bitchy but at least I got a new sandwich..

Later I celebrated my 20th birthday with my family, we were about 30 people. Eating good food and loads of cake. And then it was time to turn of the lights because of Earth Hour, did any of you turn of the lights??

This is what I wore earlier on the day, out and about:
(Faux leather jacket, slouchy white see through t-shirt, gold necklace, adax leatherbag, slouchy denim shorts, DIY leggings and leather boots)

Hugs and kisses

onsdag 25. mars 2009

Because I`m worth it

I got a lot of money for my birthday, and I`m planning on saving most of them. BUT I just had to buy me some goodies from forever 21... Most of it Iv`e already posted several times before on my blog. This is what I have ordered:
This pair of jeans would look awesome with the shoes. And Iv`e never had a pair of jeans with this color. I have a lot of black, blue and gray but non like this.
This tunic that Iv`e posted before as well I just love the pattern. I just know it will look smashing with a pair of high boots like the ones below and a nice bag.

And Iv`e finally ordered the "fashionbloggershoe". I feel like every single fashion blogger has blogged about these shoes. But why shouldn`t they? The shoes look fantastic!

Hugs and kisses

tirsdag 24. mars 2009


I`m sorry for my absence the last couple of days. Iv`e been so stressed out with the apartment and my birthday.... And we did not get to move in this weekend, because we have to put together a gigantic closet from IKEA.... Hehe!

Anyways, one of the most beautiful pictures Iv`e seen in ages is from The Sartorialist
This picture is truly inspirational, the colors, fabrics and the angle. What do you think of this picture?

Hugs and kisses

lørdag 21. mars 2009

What I would wear tomorrow if I could.

Ahh, the apartment is starting to look good now. And I`m so pleased :) And tomorrow`s my birthday, I`m turning 20 ... Weird, I feel like I just turned 17...... Time just flies away, don`t you think?

Well if I was going to do anything tomorrow but to paint the rest of the apartment , I would love to wear an outfit like the one below. I just love the Tunic from Forever 21!
Leather jacket from Bik BokTunic from Forever 21, Sooo hot!

Bag from H&M.

Fringed boots from Forever 21.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far! :)

Hugs and kisses

torsdag 19. mars 2009

Thanks Connie :)

Well the sweetest blogger in the world Connie ( http://conniehsiu.blogspot.com/ ) gave me my first blog award :)

This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. Check up on these writers!The rules are: This blog award should be sent to your favorite eight bloggers and they, in turn should forward to eight of their favorites. You should include the text for Proximidade (above) in your announcement blog.
I'm tagging: http://conniehsiu.blogspot.com/








I would like to give this award to these beautiful girls! For reading my blog and just for being lovely people!

Hugs and kisses


And tonight I`m cleaning out my closet.

I`m moving this weekend so I would like to post some photos of my beloved closet... We really had some great moments together. R.I.P closet!
- This is my closet :) I really love it, even though it`s really messy!

This is the tallest part of my closet, this is where I keep my shoes, some clothes, bags, scarfs and belts.

This is the closet where I keep my blazers, dresses, shirts and my leather bags

This is the smallest closet, but it`s still quite big because it`s all shelves. Here I keep my tees, pants, sweaters, and in the bottom some shoes again :P

And by the way I really feel that it`s Friday today, anybody else feeling the same way?

Hugs and kisses

onsdag 18. mars 2009

The worlds coolest wardrobe?

Michael Jackson has it!!! Oh yeah. he really does!

And I would die for this jacket!

Just imagine that jacket with a black slouchy t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans, and skyhigh black boots!!!! That would be chic!

Tomorrow I`m gonna pack all the stuff in my room, because I`m moving this weekend! So I`ll post a couple of pictures of my closet! And you shall be warned, it`s messy!!

Hugs and kisses


tirsdag 17. mars 2009

Would you want this?

Hmm, well lately iv`e been seeing t-shirts with modelprints everywhere! And I don`t really know what I think of them.... The pictures isn`t too good, and the fits look wierd. BUT iv`e always wanted a tee with Kate Moss on it, and I think I will DIY it.

What do you think of these? Worth spending money on?

Model print t-shirt from Forever 21

Kate Moss Goes Naked NOK 249, Dark Muse - NELLY.COM
Kate Moss T-shirt from Nelly.com

I really don`t think I like them.

Hugs and kisses

mandag 16. mars 2009

Dress me up!

Well I wouldn`t mind this dress at all!Dress from www.asos.com

Hugs and kisses

søndag 15. mars 2009

Saturday night.

Yesterday I went to see Watchmen.... I saw a lot of blue penis and ass, and many guys in the room laughed sort of embarrassed and nervously.... It was an ok movie, but it lasted waaay to long....

My outfit : Black top from Vero Moda, Lace body from JC, skirt from American apparel, leggings from Gina Tricot, shoes from Skopunkten and my vintage fringe leather bag.

What did you do yesterday?

Hugs and kisses

lørdag 14. mars 2009

Black & white

Today`s outfit: Black vintage pants, Black blazer from H&M, White blouse from Forever 21, Boots from Skopunkten, and I wore my vintage leather fringe bag (Last picture)

Later my boyfriend and I are going to the movies to see Watchmen. Hope it`s cool :)

Hugs and kisses

I love Rumi!

Rumi behind the fantastic blog Fashiontoast is always looking chic! I seriously envy her! If you haven`t seen her blog yet (which I doubt..) go to http://www.fashiontoast.com/

This is her latest outfit, and I just adore it! What do you think?I really love the way she has styled the Alexander Wang sweater! It`s to die for!

Hugs and kisses

fredag 13. mars 2009


Ahhh, finally Friday! Today my mom picked me up after work, and we went to Ikea to shop stuff for the apartment. 4 whole Ikea bags with towels, spoons, knifes and so much more! I love my mom so much!

And I haven`t seen my boyfriend in a week now, so I`m really looking forward to seeing him again tonight :)

I found these lovely boots on forever 21 and they absolutely deserve a spot on my wishlist!
And last week I got this top as a little gift from my boyfriend, I really like it: ( Fringe top from Bik Bok)

Have a lovely weekend!

Hugs and kisses

torsdag 12. mars 2009


Well don`t you just hate it when you are sitting in the sofa watching food programs on tv, and eating a dry slice of bread yourself... It`s just not fair.... I`m looking forward to the weekend. Weekends = Good food!

That`s all for today!

Hugs and kisses

onsdag 11. mars 2009

Alexander Mcqueen

I started watching vampire movies at the age of seven. It started when my big brother was "babysitting" and put on Bram Stokers Dracula with Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. Alexander Mcqueen`s runway reminds me too much of this movie and it scares the hell out of me! ( Raquel Zimmerman, style.com)

( Siri Tollerød, style.com)

( Lily Donaldson, style.com)

(Sadie Frost as crazy vampire woman in Bram Stokers Dracula)

See the resemblance anyone???

Hugs and kisses

tirsdag 10. mars 2009

Stella McCartney Fall 2009

I just LOVE this oufit from Stella McCartney`s 2009 fall collection: (Style.com , Photographer: Marcio Madeira)

Hugs and kisses

mandag 9. mars 2009

Beautiful things

Just some things I want <3

Gray top from Forever 21, Ripped leggings from American apparel (it`s much easier to do it yourself though, and much cheaper.) And fringe boots from forever21 ( much cheaper than the ones by Alexander Wang)

And some beautiful accessories :Necklace by Monica Vinader (net-a-porter)
Gold ring by Alex Monroe (Net-a-porter)

Hugs and kisses