lørdag 18. juli 2009

Awesome shoes!

I just saw these shoes on the blog- Trine`s Wardrobe. They are just fantastic!

Corset heels from Free People, $198.

And by the way, Friday next week Im getting a French Bulldog puppy! His name will be Batty! I can`t wait!

Hugs and kisses


søndag 5. juli 2009

Back again

Iv`e been lacking some inspiration lately, therefore no blogging. But now I`m back, all filled up with inspiration.
If I had the money, this is what I would be wearing today:
Pamela love peacock ring, $ 368
$244 Iosselliani feather stacked rings
Acne dress 300 Euros
Asos shoes £80

The jewelery can be bought here .
Hugs and kisses