fredag 26. juni 2009

The King is gone

In March I blogged about the world`s coolest wardrobe- Michael Jackson`s.

Now he` s gone. I really can`t belive it, and I`m in shock!

All we can do now is to keep the memory alive, listening to the thing that was his life- the music.
Rest in peace Michael Jackson!
Now everybody, do the moonwalk for the king.
Hugs and kisses

onsdag 24. juni 2009


Iv`e searched the stores and I can`t find the perfect pair of wedges! But fear not, forever 21 to the rescue!

Wich pair should I choose?

Adora Cage wedge

Chance buckle wedge

Help me out please!

Hugs and kisses

Top blogs!

Here`s some of my absolute favorite blogs!

Norwegian blogs:
Vanillascented - The beautiful Maria from Oslo. She has an amazing sense of style, is personal and always a step ahead.

Style to go - Bettina from Stavanger. She can wear anything and look good! Very rockchic!

The style of Christina - Blogger who lives in Tromsø Norway. Writes about life, fashion and a lot about inspiration. She writes in Norwegian. She has got a new camera so I`m hoping to see a lot of cool outfits!

International blogs:

Fashiontoast - Rumi who lives in California blogs about fashion. Outfits and inspiration. Daring outfits, and beautiful pictures! I love this blog.

Swank Heights - The ever so sweet Juley from New Orleans. Blogs about fashion and food. This blog makes me drewl in a lot of ways. All the beautiful outfits and the amazing food!

These are the blogs I check every single day!

Hugs and kisses

søndag 21. juni 2009


Today I wore this:

Vintage dress by a designer from Israel( My mum`s), Vintage fringe bag, Zara denim Jacket and gladiator sandals from Din sko( last year)

Hope all of you had an amazing weekend! I sure did!

Hugs and kisses


tirsdag 16. juni 2009

Rock on Alexa!

Rock on Alexa Chung!
Featured in British Vogue July 2009
Photographer: Kai Z Feng

Hugs and kisses

mandag 15. juni 2009

Le sac

This is what I wore yesterday (Sunday)

Old Denim Jacket from Zara, Le sac dress from American apparel, vintage sunglasses, and shoes from Din sko.

Does anybody have any tips on ways to wear the le sac dress? I suck at it!

Hugs and kisses


søndag 14. juni 2009

Party outfit

This is what I wore yesterday on my friend`s party. ( The pictures are pretty bad because I had to take them when I got home.)

(Oversized tank from Gina Tricot, gray tank from H&M, Necklace from Stradavarious, denimshorts from Bikbok, ripped tights, shoes from Din Sko.

Hugs and kisses


lørdag 13. juni 2009

Off to party!

Now I`m going to meet up with all of my old and good friends who`s back for the summer! And I can`t wait!

I`ll post outfit pictures tomorrow :)

Hugs and kisses

onsdag 10. juni 2009

<3 these shoes!

Shoes from Forever 21, $ 26,80.

Hugs and kisses

søndag 7. juni 2009

Saturday`s outfit.

This is what I wore yesterday :

White tee from BikBok, Bleached jeans with studded pocket from Never Denim, and fringed boots from F21.

Hugs and kisses


torsdag 4. juni 2009


Hugs and kisses

My buys in May

Well I totally forgot to show you some of my buys in May. And I didn`t buy much. But here`s two items:

Sequinned blazer from Bik-Bok, and Alexander Wang inspired dress from

Hugs and kisses


tirsdag 2. juni 2009


To all of you who wanted the zebra jumpsuit from H&M but never got the chance, has a chance now. Forever 21 has made a similar one:

$27,80 from forever 21.

And me, well I`m sick. Bu hu!

Hugs and kisses


mandag 1. juni 2009

The sun is my friend.

Haha, isn`t the headline lame?

Today there was a lot of sun, just like yesterday. I started my day on my blacony eating breakfast and reading in my book- Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino. Then my boyfriend and I went out to some friends and chilled out in the sun. And I mangaged to get a pointy stick in my sandal. I didn`t notice it until now that about 2 cm of this stick was stuck between my big toe and my index toe. I had to take a tweezer and drag it out......Gosh that hurt!

This is what I wore:

DIY tee, denim shorts- never denim, studded belt- gina tricot, studded sandals- f.21 and "I love my planet" Tote from f21.

Hugs and kisses