mandag 1. juni 2009

The sun is my friend.

Haha, isn`t the headline lame?

Today there was a lot of sun, just like yesterday. I started my day on my blacony eating breakfast and reading in my book- Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino. Then my boyfriend and I went out to some friends and chilled out in the sun. And I mangaged to get a pointy stick in my sandal. I didn`t notice it until now that about 2 cm of this stick was stuck between my big toe and my index toe. I had to take a tweezer and drag it out......Gosh that hurt!

This is what I wore:

DIY tee, denim shorts- never denim, studded belt- gina tricot, studded sandals- f.21 and "I love my planet" Tote from f21.

Hugs and kisses


3 kommentarer:

  1. love the casual look!
    amazing weather!

  2. haha!!! sorry at jeg ler, men det er kjipt. akkurat det samme skjedde med meg også, og den flisen gikk gjennom havaianasene til og med. jaja, digger outfitet hvertfall=)

  3. Aouch, det er dritvondt da :P hehe!