onsdag 24. juni 2009

Top blogs!

Here`s some of my absolute favorite blogs!

Norwegian blogs:
Vanillascented - The beautiful Maria from Oslo. She has an amazing sense of style, is personal and always a step ahead.

Style to go - Bettina from Stavanger. She can wear anything and look good! Very rockchic!

The style of Christina - Blogger who lives in Tromsø Norway. Writes about life, fashion and a lot about inspiration. She writes in Norwegian. She has got a new camera so I`m hoping to see a lot of cool outfits!

International blogs:

Fashiontoast - Rumi who lives in California blogs about fashion. Outfits and inspiration. Daring outfits, and beautiful pictures! I love this blog.

Swank Heights - The ever so sweet Juley from New Orleans. Blogs about fashion and food. This blog makes me drewl in a lot of ways. All the beautiful outfits and the amazing food!

These are the blogs I check every single day!

Hugs and kisses

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