søndag 8. februar 2009


Ah, back from vacation.. It was good to feel the sun on the skin again... And eventhough it was great and beautiful on Tenerife, I get so tired of walking in to a resturant and see the menu in Norwegian and Swedish, hearing the waiter saying phrases on Norwegian and Swedish to impress... I would really prefer if they just spoke Spanish and English....

But anyways Tenerife is beautiful and have great food! :)

One of my outfits:

(Dress- Forever21, Blazer- Gina Tricot, Shoes- Din Sko, Bag- Gina Tricot)


4 kommentarer:

  1. love love love love this dress-oversize-blazer-ankle-boots-combo.. it's to die for!!

  2. i totally recongnized the dress when i looked at this photograph. i love how you played it up with the blazer. beautiful outfit!

  3. I love how you blazer is almost as long as your dress! Fabulous

  4. Thank you so much for the comments! :)